About us

Specialised Knowledge of Risk Arbitrage

We provide event driven research services to hedge fund managers and institutional investors that cover select definitive and pre-announced M&A deals, focusing on identifying and analysing the key upside and downside risks to a particular transaction. We primarily analyse $billion+ takeovers and mergers of publicly-traded European targets, but we also look at deals globally when there is a key European angle or aspect that can influence the deal outcome.

With over 17 years’ experience in risk arbitrage and investment banking, we specialise in providing research and advisory services on all facets of risk arbitrage, with particular expertise in:

  • Cross-Border M&A

  • Hostile Takeovers

  • Country-specific Takeover Codes

  • Antitrust & Competition

  • Financial Valuation

  • Shareholder Vote Analysis

  • Impacts of Precedent Transactions

  • Risk Arbitrage Trading Strategies

Independent and High-Quality Research Services

Our research is unbiased and is based on facts. We are not influenced by corporate advisory mandates, positions on proprietary trading books or expected sales & trading commissions. With neither conflicts of interest nor pressure to push investment ideas, we are able to provide truly objective, value-added research and advice. We work with our clients to scrutinise deals and understand the key risks and considerations, and then step back to let them undertake any appropriate investment actions with confidence.

Annual Subscription Package

Through an annual subscription to our research services, clients receive insightful, high-quality and comprehensive analysis that helps them make sound investment decisions. Our products include:

  • In-Depth Research Reports: comprehensive analysis on an announced, definitive M&A deal, typically 30-60 pages

  • Deal Commentary: detailed write-ups focusing on a specific aspect of a transaction

  • Risk Arbitrage Monthly Updates: news and our views related to all situations under our coverage

A full subscription also includes bespoke work and access to all our financial models and our team.

If you are a qualified investor and would like more information on our research services, please get in touch.

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